About Nayehza

Nayehza is a cosmetics brand that prides itself on using essentially natural ingredients.

Based in Brussels, in the heart of the Belgian capital, Nayehza's objective is to offer all professionals who wish to take care of their customers in the most natural way possible products of premium quality.

All made from natural seabuckthorn, the fetish ingredient of Nayehza, renowned for its skin benefits, naturally rich in vitamins and minerals.

Nayehza products are paraben-free, alcohol-free, dye-free and will never be tested on animals!

About Seabuckthorn

Due to its valuable qualities, seabuckthorn has been widely used in popular medicine in Asia for several hundred years..

In fact, the tractates of Tibetan monks are among the oldest written sources where seabuckthorn is mentioned.
However, the most active period in the recognition of seabuckthorn fruits dates back to about 200 years before our era during Alexander the Great's military expedition. Exhausted warriors observed that horses ate berry-like fruits from several unknown trees. The warriors have also tried them. In a few days, warriors and horses regained their strength.
Since then, this plant has been called hippophae in Latin. When translated, it means "the brilliant horse".

Alexander the Great brought the trees to Europe. Sea buckthorn is widespread in Asia, Europe and Russia and has recently been introduced in Canada.

Chingishan, the Emperor of Mongolia, who created one of the greatest empires of the 13th century, was based on 3 principles: a well-organized army, a strong discipline and the seabuckthorn.

190 bioactive substances :
- Many strong antioxidants
- 18 amino acids
- 14 vitamins (A, group B, C, D, D, K, P)
- Provitamins
- 11 microelements (zinc, calcium, iron, etc.) - Phenols
- 42 types of lipids
- 22 fatty acids, including :
- Omega 3
- Omega 6
- Omega 7
- Omega 9
- 36 types of flavonoids

Which provides you :

- Regeneration of the skin, becomes more elastic, its structure improves. - Delays ageing, renews cells.
- Prevents inflammation
- Decreases cholesterol levels
- Reduces the risk of malignant tumours.
- Stimulates the immune system
- Improves blood circulation and prevents the formation of arteries.
- Naturally renews your energy
- Improves the nervous system